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Greta Blackburn is a world renowned fitness and anti-aging expert who wants everyone to be fit, happy, and beautiful.


Today Greta Blackburn lives and works in New York City, where her schooling and career began more than thirty years ago. Back then she was a model and television actress. She moved to Los Angeles, where she enjoyed a solid career in commercials, movies and TV. She segued into the health and fitness industry as a fitness magazine editor and infomercial spokesperson and today she is working with the world’s leading scientists in telomere biology and age management. Her talents and skills have come full circle, landing her at the leading edge of the emerging field of anti-aging.

Greta was raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where she appeared in local and school theater productions and hosted her own radio show as a teen. She quickly moved to New York to fulfill her dream of becoming a performer and eventually made her way to LA.

She immediately landed the co-host spot on the NBC pilot "Roadshow" with John Candy, Julie Brown and Rick Overton. Greta then began to guest star in Hollywood on numerous television shows. In commercials, she starred as the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut girl and the bathing beauty for Eclipse sunscreen commercials.

Greta was featured in the super popular sci-fi mini-series "V: The Final Battle" as Lorraine, a good lizard. Greta garnered much attention in the hit movie "48 Hrs." and as Jennifer, the hardhat on Dex's oilfield on "Dynasty" where her character had run-ins with Joan Collins' "Alexis."

After years of success in show business, Greta made a career about-face and found a way to indulge her notoriety as an actress, her love of physical fitness, and her schooling in communications to bring a message of health and fitness to the people of America. She was Editor-In-Chief of Natural Body and Fitness Magazine from 1988-1990. During that time she co-founded Fitness Against Drugs, an anti-drug foundation that promoted physical fitness as an alternative "hip" lifestyle for teens.

She also served as Editor of the LA Times supplement "California Health", sponsored by a large group of independent pharmacies bringing health and information to the Southern California public.

She is currently the founding Editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine. Ms. Fitness promotes physical fitness to women across the world and is "sister" to the widely televised Ms. Fitness USA specials. As a proponent and judge of these contests, Greta serves as an ambassador of health and fitness to females of all ages and backgrounds. Her appearances as host on the televised Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World contests have been seen by millions of viewers for several years on Fox SportsNet.

As a writer on health and fitness issues, Greta has covered topics ranging from ways to help prevent breast cancer to eating disorders to high-tech strategies for fat-burning. She co-authored the book "Cory Everson's LifeBalance".

Greta's work as Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn's FITCAMPS, which took place for over 15 years in locations ranging from Malibu, Maui, and Mexico to Las Vegas served as training symposiums for fitness professionals and other interested men and women from all over the world. Seminars included information on training, nutrition, disease prevention, longevity and other valuable health topics.

Blackburn is also at the vanguard of a burgeoning "Fitness after 50" trend that keeps her busy with speaking engagements and appearances. She has been seen promoting health and fitness products on QVC and The Shopping Channel.

Greta has been seen in appearances on "Soap Talk", "Entertainment Tonight", "EXTRA", "Hard Copy", "Good Day LA", and dozens of other television appearances. She appeared for several seasons as the health and fitness expert for the Home & Garden Channel's "Smart Solutions".

Greta has worked as a spokesperson for various health and supplement companies. She has served on the City of Hope's special advisory board to their "Workout With The Stars Against Aids" and has produced a pamphlet for the Los Angeles Times' California Health supplement called "The Safe Six For Safe Sex" as a free public Aids awareness brochure. She is a founding member of Southern Touch Food Products Health Council, a member of The American Association of University Women, and has been featured in Who's Who of American Women.

Her career has now culminated in what she considers her biggest role of all: anti-aging expert. She works with top researchers and scientist to use real science to help people win the race against time. She is a frequent attendee of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conferences, as well as the Age Management Medicine Group’s events.

In September of 2007 she attended Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Conference in Cambridge, England, where leaders in the field of research, medicine and science converged to discuss emerging technologies in age management and disease prevention. In December of that same year she attended the American Association for Cancer Research’s Telomerase and Telomeres Conference in San Francisco.

In Summer of 2008 she attended De Grey’s first U.S. conference at UCLA.

For the past five years Blackburn has been working in the field of age management as Executive V.P. of Business Development for TA Sciences, Inc. in Manhattan. Her energies there run the gamut from Lifestyle Coaching to marketing to planning and production of conferences and advisory board meetings with researchers and scientists. She is currently planning the first TA Think Tank conference which will take place in Palm Springs, CA and which will welcome leaders in the fields of stem cell technology, telomerase research, and related fields.

Greta continues to appear on television in infomercials aimed at the Baby Boomer market as well as on television shows highlighting strategies for staying young. She is fast becoming the go-to gal for Baby Boomer tips and has created an initiative, with a team of dedicated manufacturers, called Greta B’s Boomer Basics. These are products, services, and trends that have been personally tested and researched by Blackburn and deemed official Boomer Basics. She presented a Greta B’s Boomer Basics Survival Kit that was given to celebrities at Emmy and MTV Film Award celebrity suites as well as at a Guild Hall Theater event in East Hampton, NY. Celebs in attendance at these events ranged from Dina Merrill and Alec Baldwin to Vanessa Hudgens of “High School Musical,” (who took a kit for her parents!), Kevin Bacon, Fran Drescher, Ben Kingsley, and more.
As a presenter she speaks on topics ranging from “Simple Nutritional Supplementation Stategies” to “Telomeres 101: What Normal People Need To Know.”